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11 Incredible Mansions Of The Rich & Famous

Having “rich and famous” status means that you can pretty much afford anything that you want. In fact, many of the rich and famous realize this and have opted to spend the majority of their money on places that they call home. To be honest, the size of a typical home that you and I live in would be considered a guest house for many of these wealthy stars! If you feel like you have a nice house, I bet we’ll beat it by a long shot with these 11 mansions to die for!

1. Mark Zuckerberg

11 Incredible Mansions Of The Rich & Famous

Facebook founder and overnight sensation, Mark Zuckerberg actually owns five different houses. This simple white house is a two-story, five-bedroom structure and serves as the Zuckerberg family’s primary residence. With an in-ground pool and multiple porches to add to its appeal, even this house seems modest for the founder of social media.


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