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Girl gets attacked – by a MANATEE

I bet this girl didn’t anticipate this day to turn out like it did. With screaming and arms flailing, she got more action for the day that she bargained for. While swimming and relaxing on a hot summer day, she found herself at the mercy of a manatee. Watch as some people would call this scary, other outright rolling on the floor laughing. You be the judge.


Manatees, otherwise known as “sea cows” are fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals. They measure up to 12-13 long, weigh as much as 1,300 lb. That some size I would not want to mess with.

Being herbivorous or not, this girl didn’t take any chances, and went into full flight mode.

If this was me, I would probably be in the same situation, and pull out a few bruce lee moves. Now on the other hand, if I was on the boat, I would probably be dying of laughter. We laugh at the expense of others now, don’t we? Admit it!

What would you do?

If you came face to face with a manatee, what would you do? We would like to hear from you. Tweet us by mentioning @beGrobly or hastag your comments with #beGrobly. We look forward to hearing about what you think.


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