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Murder at Mitsubishi: What Killed the Evolution?

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or “Evo” for short comes from a long line of racing pedigree. It goes further back than the Evo I in 1992, all the way to 1989 with DSM and the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. The Eclipse in the GSX was part of a trio in Diamond-Star Motors (DSM) : The Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, Eagle Talon TSI, and Plymouth Laser RS. These cars were the product of a joint venture with Mitsubishi and Chrysler, and were based on an all wheel drive platform. From there the Evo was developed utilizing the 4G63T engine found in the DSM. In 2008 Mitsubishi turned to the 4B11T to power their final generation of Evolution, the Evo X. So, what lead to the murder of the Mitsubishi Evolution?


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