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11 Extraordinary Adventure Rigs

I wasn’t always a “4×4 let’s kick mud” kind of guy, but once I broadened my horizon from just race cars to an adventure rig of my own, I was liberated. I no longer had to leave or enter driveways and parking lots at ridiculous angles, or have my friends come and pick me up whenever we wanted to go ride dirt bikes. For the first time I slept on the roof of my own rig whilst on a recent camping trip! The most awesome thing though, was being able to go to the world famous “Slickrock” trails in Moab, Utah and drive them, offering such a new perspective to a place I had been many times before, but until then had experienced it as a completely different place. While out on the trails, I saw some spectacular stuff, and some pretty unsuspectingly great trail rigs. Have you ever been out on the trail, and seen something that just made your jaw drop? If so, lets see them, or just show what you’re rolling in! For now, feast your eyes on these 11 extraordinary adventure rigs.


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