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Outrageous Animal Accessories

I admit, I’ll be the first one to buy my dog a good sweater or jacket for the brisk winter months… That’s understandable as pet lovers probably wouldn’t want cat or pupscicles. Scarves for your fish, or scuba gear for your cat is where I draw the line. I love my pets as much as the next person, but I also love that my pets can sometimes stay home, and I don’t have to take them deep sea diving, or on a motorcycle ride. Unlike me though, there are those overly attached pet parents that have to have their fur babies with them at every occasion. Have you seen animals in those instances that make you think to yourself “what was that person thinking?” Here are some outrageous animal accessories that we’ve found.

We’ve all heard of doggy bags, but what about the “birdie-bag”? Take your prized parquet on your favorite hike, or down the street for some fresh air and shaved ice. Furthermore if you have back problems or a larger avian friend, the “bird stroller” may just jive for ya. I might recommend larger wheels if you plan to do some off-roading though.


It’s a fair argument that if you need eye protection, why shouldn’t your dog? I never thought that taking my dog on a motorcycle ride may actually irritate their eyes, selfish I know. Forget that the wind noise may weigh heavily on their sensitive ears, and keep the windows to their soul wind, sun, and bug free. Different brands like Rex Specs do offer more stylish and practical protection, while others just look uncomfortable and crude. Just because dogs can’t see color doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to enjoy the same benefits of eye care as you!


There’s so much about giving a cat a SCUBA diving suit that screams “unfair advantage”. Nevertheless, it’s taught that you should never go SCUBA diving solo, and chances are that if you own a cat he’s the only person you’ve got to go scuba diving with anyhow! With that, comes a $20,000 custom SCUBA suit, and your dignity as a down payment.

They say with owning a great pet comes great responsibilities… Some of those responsibilities may include keeping your pet snake nice and cozy. No, this does not include forking over an exuberant amount of money, but it does require knitting needles and know how. If you have a lizard just throw a mini snake sweater on each side and you have yourself a cozy reptile. After all, a warm snake is a snake less likely to swallow you in your sleep.


Thankfully there’s a little saving grace for the parrot stroller… Turn your bad bird into a rad bird, and roll in style with avian-roller skates! I know what you’re thinking, but roller skating is pretty easy to pick up and learn yourself! Companions that skate together stay together. Then all you guys will need is matching tattoos to complete the transformation.

I know this last piece of accessory isn’t what you were expecting, but if penguins are the best dressed of the animal kingdom, why wouldn’t you compliment their natural tuxedo with an equally impressive top hat? I have no idea either… On a serious note, there are things that will make your pet’s life easier and more enjoyable, like a pair of specially fitted goggles, or a custom knitted sweater. Perhaps some things are better not ventured, and left out of the water. It’s understandable that an animal is an equal family member, but do me a favor and don’t stuff me in a backpack to summit a mountain with you.

Love rad birds? Us too! Buy your “Rad Bird” merchandise today!


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