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Adorable Dogs and Cats With a Bad Case of the Booties

Do you have those friends or know people who just have abnormally sized feet? Like, so large that you can fit your foot with a shoe on in their shoes? Then you try to go walk or run around and it’s the most disconnected and awkward thing you’ve ever done (other than talk to that person you’ve had a crush on for forever)? That’s how I imagine a cat or dog feels when they’re trying to walk with booties on. It seems cruel, but booties are quite beneficial to the well being of the wearer’s feet. In the winter time it will keep them warm, and salt from sidewalks and car parks that can cause  salt burns out of their paws. If you’re having a hard time visualizing what this experience may be like, don’t worry. I’ve gathered some of the most adorable moments captured of cats and dogs taking their first steps in their new shoes.


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