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5 Snowboard Tricks That Will Make You Go “Wait, What?!”

Snowboards come with two bindings: one for your left foot, and one for your right foot. This implies that both feet should be bound to the snowboard at all times, unless you’re hopping on or off of the chair lift. Since it’s inception in the early seventies, snowboarding itself was considered an innovation. Deeper within that realm though, progression is inevitable with dudes like Scott Stevens doing all kinds of one-footed trick variations on his snowboard, and jib pioneers like Jeremy Jones doing wall-rides to flips to grinds onto hand rails, and look over to the booters with Torstein Horgmo and his triple corks, yeah, snowboarding has come a long ways… I feel terribly for anybody just getting into the game now with aspirations of making it big, because the reality is, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do along with a lot of innovating from there. Thankfully it’s guys like that who have been around for awhile, who are fearless enough to push the sport to the next level with moves like these 5 “wait, what?!” snowboard tricks.


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